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Atek Hydrographic Surveys Ltd. is a small survey company providing these services:
  • Inshore bathymetric and topographic surveys.
  • Marine and general construction surveys.
  • Precise offshore positioning.
  • Drogue studies and tide monitoring.
  • Navigation Systems for cable/pipeline laying.
  • Reservoir Volume and sedimentation surveys.
With associates we have the ability to perform:
  • Sub-bottom profiling.
  • Side-scan sonar imaging.
  • Bottom and core sampling.
  • Sediment probes.
Typical Services Performed:
  • Bathymetric and land surveys for design, construction, and maintenance
    of freight and oil docks, barge terminals, and marinas.
  • Pre-dredge and post-dredge surveys, volume calculations.
  • Surveys and positioning for anchor lays, pile-driving and drilling/boring.
  • Route surveys for submarine cables and pipelines.
  • Positioning for submarine cable and pipeline lays, inspection, repairs and retrieval.
  • Surveys for outfall design, construction, inspection and maintenance.
  • River cross-sections for flood control planning and bank restoration.
  • Fish farm site investigations.
  • Shore protection and breakwater placement control.
BC Ferry Terminal Surveys

GPS Positioning and Range Azimth

Marine Bathymetric and Siesmic Surveys

Bathymetric and Topographic Map Creation

Navigation for Cable and Pipeline Laying

Inshore Surveying